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Beautifully oversized bamboo watches for men and women. UK based with Scandi roots.

Close up of male wrist and Clipper bamboo watch.

Wooden watches made from 100% natural bamboo

But that’s not completely true. As a fatter of fact, bamboo is not wood. It’s grass. The tallest and strongest grass in the world, but grass none the less.

And what a fantastic material this is! Bamboo is widely spread around the whole world, but particularly in Asia, as I’m sure you’re aware of.

There’s practically nothing you can’t use bamboo for. Heck, pandas even eat it. But don’t eat your bamboo watch please – it’s not edible! The bamboo pandas eat are of a very different kind – not the  kind that you use for watch cases or scaffolding.

Bamboo used in product design

Bamboo is used in more products than you could possible imagine. Anything  from scaffolding to watches and speakers. It’s a very popular material in kitchen utensils and cutlery due to its long-lasting abilities and beautiful texture. Check out OLA Bamboo for instance. There are also theories supporting claims of bamboo being antibacterial, antifungal and an odour resistant material. Not bad!

You can also find bamboo in flooring and furniture. The fibres take on a serene patina over the years and darken softly – something you will also notice in your Gloriousdays bamboo watch.

Eco-friendly bamboo watches – The sustainable style accessory

Wearing a bamboo watch is not only a style statement; one can also assume a certain affinity for eco-consciousness and planet preserving bias in the wearer. In a day and age of fast fashion, single use products and plastic polluting our oceans, wearing a bamboo watch is a statement in the name of sustainability. More and more companies are starting to offer bamboo as an alternative to synthetic materials. Check out BAM Clothingfor instance.

Bamboo is a sustainable material

You won’t have to cut down any rain forest to grow bamboo. This tall and proud plant can grow up to one meter per day and can be grown in very dense areas. Furthermore, bamboo is an environmentally-friendly material since it’s 100% natural. It decomposes without letting anything bad into the earth.

There is an argument for bamboo fibre clothing not being that good for the environment after all, due to all the chemicals needed to break down the fibre. This is not the case with Gloriousdays bamboo watches though. The watches are manufactured directly from the bamboo stem, only passing one round of anti-pest dusting before being hard-pressed into workable sheets.