About Gloriousdays Bamboo Watches UK

Sunset over the ocean. Life is full of moments. Find yours.

Life is full of moments. Find yours.

What if every day could be glorious?

Not fine.

Or even great.

Truly glorious.

That’s what I aspire to achieve with Gloriousdays.

Now the name makes sense, doesn’t it?

So how does a Bamboo watch brand for men help people live glorious lives? The idea is simple:

1. Create a message.
2. Make the message come alive in a brand.
3. Use the brand on products we interact with everyday.

So what’s the message, you wonder?

Life is full of moments. Find yours.

This message used to be expressed as ‘Live it up, your way’, but it was rephrased to the above to emphasise mindfulness and the active component of taking control of your life. This message is a direct translation of my personal beliefs and traces all the way back to my early twenties when I formed my own personal motto; ‘Your life is your creation’.

Using a brand to carry my message, I hope it reaches an audience without me speaking at seminars about personal development and living life with intent, which I know little about. What I do know is that time is the only asset you truly own, but once used you cannot generate more. Spend your time wisely. Find moments that really matter to you.

What’s the story of Gloriousdays Bamboo Watches UK?

Martin Sandstrom - Founder of Gloriousdays Bamboo Watches UK

My name is Martin Sandstrom. The human behind the brand – the founder of Gloriousdays. In 2012 I embarked on a journey to create a fashion brand that stood for more than just style. Something that could represent my belief in each individual’s potential, and the endless pursuit of personal growth. Gloriousdays Bamboo Watches became that brand, using wood and bamboo watches to remind us to make the most of our ever-diminishing time on Earth.

Gloriousdays was founded in London, but is nowadays based in Brighton&Hove by the English South coast. If you would like to get in touch please send an email to hello@enjoygloriousdays.com or say hi on Facebook. You can also get involved on Instagram by tagging your moments with #FindYourMoments.

Gloriousdays is now on its 10th year and stock is not being renewed. I’m gradually phasing out the business in order to make time for new things. Grab a watch as long as stock lasts. Once they’re gone they’re gone for good.

For download: Press kit | Product catalogue   Email: hello@enjoygloriousdays.com