Used mechanical watches (personal collection)

These are the watches for sale from my personal watch collection. Watches will come and go here, as I either sell, add or decide to keep a watch. That’s the beautiful thing about watch collecting – it’s never done!

One should’t be afraid of curating the watch collection organically; adding, removing and replacing over the years. All watch collectors have their own way of collecting, but personally I can’t condone hoarding. Having hundreds of watches – where’s the fun in that? I like to wear my watches and give all of them enough wrist time to create memories with them.

My collection usually hovers around seven watches, but a part of me wants to reduce that to two or three.

Most of my collection are automatic mechanical micro brand watches in the range of 40 – 42mm. Primarily I tend to collect and wear diver/tool/chronograph styles.

Sold as seen, normally with original box and papers. Free tracked shipping within Europe.