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Watch information, link removal etc

How do I remove links?

Removing links is quite an easy task that you can carry out in your own home by using a simple pin and a pair of pliers. However always consult a watch shop if in doubt, especially for Bambijou which links could break if too much force is applied.

Bambu, Catalina & Clipper
Using a pin, you have to take a stab at which end to push and then push hard for the peg to come out. One end of the peg is thicker and drills in to the bamboo so if the peg’s not coming out easily you’re probably in the wrong end. Watch this video on how to adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist.

Similar to Bambu, use a pin to push the pegs out. Bambijou has thicker ends on both sides but it’s usually easier to push on the end that is drilled in a little bit more. Use a pair of pliers to pull it out for the final bit. Be careful when removing and putting back pegs as the small links are quite fragile and too much force could damage them.

How long does the battery last?

The battery should last at least 18 months. If you need to replace it simply remove the back plate with a fine screw driver and pop the old one out. The battery is a standard watch battery and the specific model is written on it. Here’s a video on how to do it.

What size wrist does the watch fit?

You’ll probably want to remove 2 to 4 links in order to find that perfect fit. Bambu comes with 4 removable links and a 3-step fine tuning option in the clasp, which caters to wrists around 22 cm down to 16 cm. Personally I’m an 18 cm wrist, and for this fit I’ve removed 3 links and put the clasp pin on the middle setting.

Bambijou comes with 6 removable links and can be adjusted to fit wrists around 18 cm down to 12 cm.

What to do if I break the glass?

A broken glass is not covered in the warranty. If you have a crackled or broken glass please send an email to with your shipping address and I will send you a replacement glass for free. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have spare glass for the Catalina or Clipper models.

Bear in mind that replacing the glass is a delicate procedure that ideally should be made by a watch repair shop, and doing it yourself may cause damage to the watch. If it’s only a small crack it could be better to not risk it since I can’t help you out if you break your watch, except for maybe a small sympathy discount in the shop.

What’s the warranty on the products?

Gloriousdays bamboo watches come with a 2 years limited warranty. The warranty covers factory faults that results in a physically broken watch or a watch being unable to show the correct time. The warranty does not cover aesthetic degradation due to normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by external factors including exposure to water.

If you have a faulty product that could be eligible for a replacement, send an email to and explain the situation, including a photo of the fault if applicable. Gloriousdays will then decide whether this is covered by the warranty. If it is, you will be asked to return the faulty watch and will in return get a new one.

Why has my watch links gone stiff?

Bamboo is an organic material and naturally swells if exposed to water. You may notice this if you’re out running or dancing like there is no tomorrow with the watch on. Your body sweats a lot and the bamboo absorbs the sweat and the links become stiff. No need to worry if this happens since the bamboo will dry up and return to its usual size within 48 hours.

Are the watches water resistant?

No, Gloriousdays bamboo watches are not water resistant – so don’t go swimming with them. The official rating is 3ATM, but this term simply means that they are ‘splashproof’, meaning the bamboo will take some water to it without causing damage. A bit of rain is no issue, but personally I take it off when it’s my turn to do the dishes.

How do I return a watch?

Please see the Shipping & Returns page.