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My watch collection #14 Seizenn G-series Master Retro

The Seizenn was my 14th watch and marks somehow an entry into a new era of my collecting journey. With this watch I ventured away from micro brands and got a bit more experimental with Ali Express and cheap Quartz watches, as well as eventually moving into entry level luxury. It was the first watch that I ordered from a Chinese factory brand. Seizenn is a sister brand from the same factory as Merkur. For being a Chinese factory brand they make some of the more interesting pieces you can find from that part of the world. They’re also known for their small batches, so even if a model isn’t a limited edition it might not be available forever. If you see a Merkur you like, buy it before it’s gone. They’re affordable and well built and often sport a strong retro style.

The G-series Master Retro is obviously based on the case of Timex Q. But they’ve added just enough original details that it doesn’t feel like a complete rip-off. It’s an automatic diver of sorts with 200m water resistance. Screw down crown, NH36 powered day date complication and a 12 hour bezel which is unidirectional oddly enough.

I love this 1970s inspired design. The case (kudos to Timex), the generously domed mineral crystal, the blue shade chosen for the watch face and the cross hair and square printed markers work really, really well together. I wish they would’ve found a different blue for the bezel. Something that works better with the subdued blue of the face. Same goes for the blue on the hands. Not quite the right shade on them either. But part from that, and lume so bad I don’t see why they even bothered, this is a great little watch.

Seizenn G-series Master Retro on the wrist

It’s only 38mm in diameter and I was slightly concerned it would be too small. But as soon as it came on my wrist it only took a few hours to adjust to the smaller size from my regular 40 – 42mm watches. The bracelet is nothing special but suits the watch well and has stayed on as the best choice, even if the 20mm lugs allows for plenty of strap options.

The Seizenn G-series Master Retro has great summer vibes and definitely sees more wrist time in the summer months. It’s a fun watch and wasn’t more than £120 including shipping. It’s hard to find nowadays as well so I’m happy I got it while it was available.

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