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Watches on AliExpress that caught my interest in December 2023

Addiesdive Ranger diver copy

Whether you like it or not, AliExpress offers some of the best value for money watches you can buy today. The Chinese factories have stepped up their watch game and created a big following in recent years. Most models to come out of Shenzhen are still copycats imitating the famous Swiss designs, but more and more we’re starting to see some original designs joining the virtual shop windows on AliExpress.

Here are some of my latest finds from spending too much time browsing watches this month. I don’t think any of these will make it to the Xmas tree for me, but maybe you find some inspiration for your or your partner’s stocking.


Addiesdive’s new AD2033 slogan reads ‘Exploring the unknown and stealing bravely’. Indeed they’ve explored the not so unknown Tudor catalogue and stolen the Ranger’s face. But instead of staying true to the original field watch, they’ve upgraded it to a diver and added a Seiko bezel. I quite like the look, especially with the BOR bracelet. Fair price at £89 and good dimensions to boot. Unfortunately the bezel isn’t lumed, not even the 12 hour pip. C’mon AddiesDIVE.

Addiesdive panda dial Type 20 chronograph

Powered by a Seiko VK64 is this stunning little Type 20 inspired panda chrono. Not a copycat per se, but also not very original. It’s a beautiful looking piece nonetheless at a good early bird price at £67. The case is very skin diver-esque and has screw-down crown for good water resistance, but the pushers are just made to look like screw-down. And this one has a lumed bezel! I’ll definitely consider this one during one of the sales.


Boderry looks identical to Bertucci, which is the real deal here. But nevertheless, Boderry’s version comes with a titanium case, an automatic NH35 movement, 100m WR and a range of toned down but funky colours. It’s just a good deal.

MINUTETIME vintage Rolex Submariner

I’m not a Rolex guy. The brand and what it has become doesn’t speak to me. But I do have a weak spot for the vintage 5513 Submariner. Submariners have been cloned countless times, but this vintage design is seen less and the original Rolex is also more or less impossible to acquire for the average collector. So it’s cool to see the 5513 offered instead of the run of the mill modern Submariner. But what really caught my eye was the bubble boxed crystal. That is mouth watering.

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