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The making of Clipper and Catalina – Two retro looking bamboo watches inspired by exploration.

Catalina and Clipper retro bamboo watches

Have you noticed that Gloriousdays has two watch lines? The original Bambu line and the Explorer line. Catalina and Clipper belong to the Explorer line which is inspired by seaplanes of the past. I have a strong affinity for the romance surrounded by nautical exploration and my favourite watch style can be found in retro and vintage divers and chronographs. This love for retro styled pieces became the starting point when I designed these two vintage looking bamboo watches back in 2014.

They launched in 2015 and I wrote about it on Behance. Have a read if you’re interested in product development.

I’m quite satisfied with the result and I think they complement Bambu and Bambijou well.

You can buy Catalina and Clipper in the shop if you’re into retro looking watches made of bamboo. Like all Gloriousdays watches they ship from UK for free within Europe.

Catalina bamboo watch next to old Landrover 4x4.
Retro inspired adventures awaits!
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